Friday 12th of July 2024

Press conference to protest the attempt to kill Mufti Moniruzzaman

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Mufti Moniruzzaman has held a press conference to protest the brutal torture, attack and misrepresentation of being a Christian in an attempt to kill himself

He said in his written statement, I am Mufti Moniruzzaman resident of Nabiganj upazila of Habiganj district. Completed Daora Hadith from traditional Jamia Madania Vishwanath Madrasa in Sylhet. Whose founder was Qutbe Alam Syed Hussain Ahmad Madanis Khalifa Hazrat Maulana Shaikh Ashraf Ali Biswanathi. And completed the Ifta from another traditional religious educational institution Jameya Madania Kazirbazar in Sylhet. I have become a worthy servant of religion under their hands and under their supervision, and in the light of their thinking. It is on this ideal that I would like to breathe my last with Kalima Tawheed as the ummah of the last Prophet. As a believer-Muslim, I am never ready to tolerate any loss of religion due to me.

He also said that I have been serving as the founding director of the Jamia Muhammadia Madrasah and Khatib of the adjoining mosque in Bilas Babar area of No. 9 Madhyapara Union under Kaliakair Thana under Gazipur district for a long time. I devoted myself to the propagation of religious knowledge by building a small tin-shaded madrasa for the children of the backward villages who were deprived of the light of religious education in remote villages. Also, since my student life, I have been involved in the work of Da’wat Il-Allah, thinking of my responsibility as the ummah and heir of the last Prophet. I think inviting God-fearing people to God is the only goal of my life and the means of salvation in the hereafter. I have spent my life and wealth, everything in the pursuit of religious calling and the labor of knowledge, both in the country and in exile As a result, I have chosen a simple and simple life.

Mufti Moniruzzaman also said, you must be aware that for the past few years, the two conflicting parties have been doing dawat work separately on the basis of Tabligh Jamaat activities. As a part of this, separate World Ijtima is being held in Tongi Ijtima Maidan under the supervision of Ulamae Keram of both sides. In this context, I have involved myself in the building-based dawa work of Hazratji Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Saa’d Kandhalvi Hafizullah Ameer under the Nizamuddin of Delhi, the world center of Tabligh, from my own scrutiny and understanding. In Bangladesh, some scholars have been creating various obstacles in their activities, including killing the followers of Maulana Saad Kandhalvi, the world leader of Tablighi. Following this, for a long time, under the supervision of the leaders of the local imam association, some imams and some local scholars were threatening me and physically and mentally torturing me.

He also said, I have endured everything with patience and patience and continued the dawa work with the Tabligh Jamaat. They could not accept this at all. Their only demand was that I should declare solidarity with Zubair’s supporters and stay here. Otherwise they were threatening to expel me from my institution mosque and madrasa and occupy it. But when I said that I would not agree to give up Adarsh and Amir’s loyalty even at the cost of my life, they pre-planned to attack me on Tuesday 25th July at 8 am with more than five hundred students and teachers of the Madrasa to surround my workplace and kill me. Which has already been witnessed by the whole world through social media. They tried to abduct me and my 6-year-old innocent son Umar Farooq in a series of brutal tortures to kill me. But by then my physical condition deteriorated and I was taken to Shaheed Tajuddin Medical College Hospital in Gazipur. While receiving treatment there, with the help of some fake YouTubers pretending to be journalists to destroy the evidence of torture, they arrested me again under the name of Christian and disguised imam, took me to the union office, beat me and physically upset and humiliated me and spread Christian slander on social media. This severely damaged my image in the entire country and made my and my family’s life extremely insecure.

‘I demand through you a proper investigation and exemplary punishment of the culprits of this brutal torture, injustice, oppression and despicable propaganda and shameless conspiracy. I want no one else to be a victim of such conspiracies and torture like me. As you know, yesterday on July 26th, another comrade of Tabligh’s mainstream was brutally killed by these Zubair fans in Dhaka’s New Market area. I also suffer from extreme anxiety and insecurity about my life. As an ordinary citizen of this country, I have the right to freely practice my religion and conduct my normal activities in the light of the constitution. But there is a danger that my life will be in danger at any time due to the heated atmosphere of insecurity that has been created in the country by slandering me as a Christian. I don’t even feel safe to go to the police station and court to file a case against common diaries and murderers for security of life.’

In such a situation, I seek the direct intervention and attention of the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, as well as the cooperation of the human rights organizations and media workers of the country.

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