Thursday 18th of July 2024

Private entrepreneurs must come forward under government cooperation to develop the aviation sector in Bangladesh: Rashed Kanchan

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The most valuable thing to an entrepreneur and businessman is his time. It is said that if proper time management is not correct, many opportunities are missed for businessmen. This is even more important and relevant in the expansion of global trade. The first thing to do to save a critical patient’s life is to get the patient to the hospital or doctor as soon as possible. Which is almost impossible in the current traffic reality of the country. In any natural disaster or major accident, the primary responsibility of the authorities is to rescue the people affected by the disaster or accident and to move them to a safer place.

GAMBIT Aviation recently started its journey in Bangladesh keeping these three important issues in mind. The main objective is to keep pace with global trade and business and to carry local and foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen safely into different cities of the world through private air charter. At the same time, GAMBIT Aviation has an Air Ambulance service to shift or transfer critical patients to any hospital in the world as soonest time. Also, the organization has rescue operations facilities to participate in rescue operations in any disaster and accident-affected areas.

Rashed Kanchan, Chairman and Managing Director of GAMBIT Aviation also said that a large investment is required to provide this kind of high-quality service and increase the capacity of the organization in regards to services and logistics. He hopes that in the future domestic and foreign investors will invest in this sector to enrich the industry. He assured the customers, existing shareholders and investors that he and his team are working tirelessly to improve the quality of the air communication system so that GAMBIT Aviation in Bangladesh becomes a world-class company. He expressed special gratitude to the investors and shareholders for trusting in his leadership.

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