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Kazi Hedayet Hussain Raj is the Vice President of Olama League

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Kazi Hedayet Hussain Raj is the Vice President of Ulama League

Kazi Hedayet Hussain Raj, editor-in-chief of Daily Vorer Pata, has become the vice-president of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Awami Ulama League.

On Sunday, Maulana KM Abdul Momin Sirazik, president of the organization and general secretary Md. Aminul Haque approved the Central Full Committee of Ulama League.

Besides making Hafez Maulana Sagar Ahmed Shahin the working president of Bangladesh Ulama League, 22 vice-presidents, 10 joint general secretaries, 10 organizing secretaries, 28 secretaries, 16 assistant secretaries and 11 members have been appointed in the full committee of 99 members.

Kazi Hedayet Hussain Raj, who is the vice-president of the full committee, said that I have been involved in BCL politics since I was a student. I worked at that time as a soldier during the difficult times of the party. Besides, for the last 20 years as a pen soldier, I have worked for the party and the country, carrying the ideals of Bangabandhu. I have reached here today based on my merit. I will faithfully fulfill the responsibility assigned to me, besides being an activist of Awami League, I will work for the welfare of the country and the people throughout my life, inshallah.

He said, due to the dignity of my work, I Expressing gratitude to the president of the Awami League, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina as well as the president of my organization Maulana KM Abdul Momin Sirazik and the general secretary Md. Aminul Haque.

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