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FBCCI emphasizes building skilled manpower to achieve SDG

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The FBCCI has called for an emphasis on building skilled manpower to achieve the SDGs. Thus, importance should be given to setting up technical and vocational training centers in every district and upazila of the country along with conventional educational institutions.

FBCCI made this call during the second meeting of the Standing Committee on National Economic Policy and Planning, 8th Five Year Plan, SDG, and Vision 2041 which was held at the boardroom of FBCCI on Thursday.

While speaking as the chief guest, the Senior Vice President of FBCCI Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu said, the government should focus on creating efficient manpower to achieve various economic and development goals. There is no alternative to building skilled manpower to accelerate further efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Skilled people are very few in Bangladesh. It is very important to create expert trainers in order to teach the youth of our country. We should bring foreign expert trainers if it is needed, he added.

The senior vice-president called for the establishment of an equal number of technical or technical schools and colleges at the district and upazila levels to align the institutional education curriculum with the industry.

Besides, Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu urged the government to keep a quota on the import of daily necessities to fulfill the demand of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

FBCCI Vice President M.A Momen said that sustaining entrepreneurs is essential for the development of the country’s economy. The financial policies need to be simplified for the new entrepreneurs, he opined.

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Sameer Sattar said that foreign investment is very important in achieving the SDGs. He called for taking steps to increase the number of foreign investments, build skilled manpower, and emphasize the development of non-conventional sectors.

At the meeting, the Director in Charge of the committee Dr. Nadia Binte Amin said that Government policy cooperation needs to be further enhanced to harness the potential of the SME sector.

The members of the standing committee spoke on economic development as well as the reduction of improvement of inequality, education, Industry-Academia linkage, and women empowerment.
The meeting was presided over by the Chairman of the committee and former Director of FBCCI AKM Shamsuddoha.

FBCCI Director Hafez Harun, Md. Nizam Uddin, Akkas Mahmood, Secretary General Mohammad Mahfuzul Hoque, and others were also present at the meeting.

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