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Entrepreneurs want e-visa and on-arrival visas to attract foreign customer

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To attract foreign tourists, the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector want one-stop services for tourists including e-visa and on-arrival visas. Speakers made this demand in the fourth meeting of the Standing Committee on Tourism Development (Inbound, Outbound, Domestic, and Civil Aviation) of FBCCI on Tuesday afternoon.

The FBCCI President Md. Jashim Uddin attended the Meeting as the chief guest. While speaking as the chief guest, the FBCCI president said, the tourism industry of Bangladesh is very important and has potential. A few days ago HSBC projected that Bangladesh will become the ninth-largest consumer market in the world by 2030. Our economy is growing, and the quality of life is improving. As a result, the tourism industry has now become more important.

Md. Jashim Uddin added that the Prime Minister has given special importance to the tourism sector. As a part of this, various infrastructural developments are going on at Cox’s Bazar. He said that the inauguration of the Padma Bridge has brought new windows to the tourism industry. After the inauguration of the Padma Bridge, the number of tourists in the south and southwestern part of the country has increased significantly.
He also mentioned that the FBCCI will focus on the potential sector of the country in the upcoming Bangladesh Business Summit which is going to be held in March this year on the occasion of FBCCI’s 50th anniversary. The tourism sector will be one of them.

Md. Jashim Uddin commented that the FBCCI will always stand by all positive initiatives in the development of the tourism sector.

FBCCI Vice President Md. Amin Helaly said, apart from attracting foreigners to the tourism sector in Bangladesh, it is also a big market for the country’s large population. To ensure the discipline and coordination of this potential sector, the participation of all government and private sectors (including associations) who work in tourism is essential.

While moderating the discussion, the Director-in-Charge of the Standing Committee on Tourism Development (Inbound, Outbound, Domestic, & Civil Aviation) M.G.R. Nasir Majumder said that tourism is always one of the priority sectors to the prime minister.

FBCCI director Syed Moazzam Hossain, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism Sanjida Sharmeen, Co-chairmen, and all Members of the Standing Committee were also present in the meeting.

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