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FBCCI voters getting voting rights back because of Jashim Uddin’s effort

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The Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the country’s top organization of businessmen, will hold the election of the board of directors for the term 2023-25 on July 31. Non-stop polling will continue from 9 am to 4 pm on that day. After that, the elections for the posts of President, Senior vice-president and six Vice-presidents will be held on August 2.

Voters are regaining their rights again to vote in the FBCCI elections after the previous term. Originally, with sole effort of Jashim Uddin, the current president of FBCCI, members of the general body of the organization are became able to vote. In this year, the Businessmen’s Unity Parishad and the Sammilita Businessmen’s Parishad are contesting in the elections. Already, 53 persons from Businessmen’s Unity Parishad and 26 from Sammilita Businessmen’s Parishad have bought nominations.

Meanwhile, after taking to several ordinary voters, it is informed that those who stopped voting in the previous term, embezzled the money of the members of the General Body members at various times, did not return the money even after they were not given a visa by naming them in the delegation, they are now changing their tune and shouting as they want to vote. The general voters requested to be careful about them and said that if they are elected again, they will use GB members more recklessly. Vote for good people who will not harass and threaten GB members, they added. So many have called for boycott them.

Speaking about Jashim Uddin, President of FBCCI, the general voters said, the story of Bangladesh’s success and achievement is the strong position of economic progress or social indicators, from a weak child state to one of the world’s economic powers, to emerge from dependency and become strong in self-reliance are from the 50-years. Md . Jashim Uddin worked as a hero behind this achievement. It is because of his skill and hard work, the members of the General Body are getting the right to vote in this year.

FBCCI Technical and Vocational Training Institute has been established with the aim of creating skilled manpower to meet the multifaceted needs of human resources in the country. In view of the country’s significant economic progress and the fourth industrial revolution, FBCI University is being established with the aim of creating skilled human resources in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

‘FBCCI Arbitration Center’ has been established in FBCCI with the aim of reducing the cost of doing business through speedy settlement of various business-related disputes. The ‘FBCCI Iconic Tower’ will be constructed in Purbachal near the capital, which will reflect the country’s history, prosperity and future progress.
Jashim Uddin has branded FBCCI globally on the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh. Due to his benevolence FBCCI became establish as an international organization in the world arena.

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