Friday 12th of July 2024

Some Thoughts on Quran and Ramadan

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Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, The blessed month has arrived. May Allah give us all the Tawfiq to benefit from this month of Barakah. It is sometimes called the month of Quran, as Quran was first revealed in this Holy month. And so were the other holy books- Tawrat, Injeel and Zabur. Thus listening to Quran in the whole month has been made Wajib as in Tarawih prayers. Muslims all over the world take up the Quran at least in this with great favor and makes Tilawat with much zeal and adoration. Undeniably there are great spiritual rewards for this!

Apart from the Arab world, how many in the non Arab world understand what they are reciting? Hardly, 2-3 percent! Now this is a paradox: Quran says that it’s a book of guidance. It is meant to be read, understood and acted upon. The Quran asks us to ponder over its meaning. In many places the Quran asks, “Do you not understand ?” “Do you not see?” etc. How many of us are doing this? If we don’t understand the Quran, how do we act upon it? And if we don’t act upon it, how do we benefit from it?

80-90% of converts to Islam came to Islam by reading the Quran in the language they understand. Thus they turn out to be stronger Muslims than the Muslims by birth most of whom have no clue what us in the Quran, although some can recite it beautifully.

Millions of such Muslims are in the grave. How many more are on the way? Shouldn’t something be

done about this decay in religion? Whereby we can get the understanding of the Quran and get

additional benefits!

We can try the following, being the blessed month of Quran:

(a) make a resolve that we will learn Arabic so we can directly benefit from the Quran; (b) if we cannot do the above; at least start reading the Quran from today in the language we understand;

(c) if someone cannot read, he/she should find someone who will read some portion of the Quran to them everyday;

(d) those who have the good fortune to be Aaleem, should start translation of the Quran in their own homes for their wives and children; (e) Ulama should also read every day the translation of the Quran to the general Musullis in every Masjid

(f) Millions of Huffaz are created every year, but most of them do not know what they have memorized! Teachers of Hifz Madrasas are urged to take one class everyday to translate in simple language the meaning of the Quran to the students.

Let us start from today so we can benefit from the holy Ramadan. May Allah give us Tawfiq to act on the above. Aameen.

With request for Dua, Wassalam.

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