Thursday 18th of July 2024

Distribution of winter clothes by Sigma Bangladesh Group

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In the last days of winter, the harsh cold wave is sweeping the country. People are struggling to survive in the face of bitter cold winds and a clear sky. The people who are most affected by this are those who live on low incomes. And at this time, the Sigma Bangladesh Group has come forward to support the poor and cold people.

On Sunday night, around 12 o’clock, MD Saroweri Mehedi and CEO Md. Sagar Mir of the Sigma Bangladesh Group went around different places in the capital, distributing warm quilts to the poor and cold people. They searched for the poor and cold people in the deep night and gave them quilts to warm them.

During this time, the Sigma Bangladesh Group is providing warm quilts to the cold people. The organization is working to provide warm clothes to the people in need.

At this time MD Saroweri Mehedi said that, the intensity of cold has increased over the last few days. People are facing difficulties. We are distributing coal and winter clothes to alleviate their suffering. Even if it’s just a small help, we will still be doing our part.

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