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How humans will look like in the year 3000

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Dependence on technology is rapidly changing the face of people, although evolution doesn’t stop. There is a huge difference in the appearance of a primitive person and a modern person. Human evolution does not stop at the animal origin.

Say — along the path of evolution, there are many apparent permanent changes in the flora and fauna; Later they also changed. There are also many changes in the human body. All those changes, day by day, will bring an apparent permanent change in the human body. As a result, the appearance of people will change.

Recently, similar news has come to the fore. It is said that technology dependence can be “detrimental” to human civilization. The human structure can also change.

It is also said that the structure of people can be changed due to “technology-dependence”.

Researchers at Toll Free Forwarding have created a model of how human appearance might evolve by the year 3000. It has been named “Mindy”.

Mindy, who is from the year 3000, has a body that has changed significantly due to smartphone, laptop and technology usage.

The researchers said the “exaggerated” changes to the body show the potential harm of using technology too much, both physically and mentally.

So it can be questioned – what kind of appearance is waiting for mankind then?

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