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5 signs your skin is crying out for hydration

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We have often used the words dry and dehydrated for our skin but do they mean the same thing? Experts say it does not. “Dry skin is more of a skin type, while ‘dehydration’ is a skin condition. One may have oily skin but it can still be dehydrated.

To make it easy, dehydration means that your skin cells lack moisture, which makes your skin parched. A lack of moisture means your skin is missing lipids and your sebaceous gland is not nourishing your skin naturally. Dehydration can come and go, and it depends on the amount of water you consume. It can also be affected by the weather conditions and environment around you,” says Aakriti Kundral, brand manager and spokesperson of a brand that provides skincare solutions.

Five signs of dehydrated skin, which are:

>> Skin rash, itching, acne.

>> Hypersensitivity of the skin. Redness on the skin, itching.

>> Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes.

>> Decreased skin radiance. The skin gradually becomes dull.

>> Increased sensitivity, redness, and hyperpigmentation

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