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Ibrahim maintenances livelihood selling flags

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Md. Ibrahim Mia, 50, is a flag seller by profession. He sells national flags of special days, party flags, photos of political leaders, and symbols of political parties on different occasions.

Ahead of the World Cup football, he is now traveling from one place to another with flags and jerseys of different countries. Such a scene can be seen in the road market area of ​​Akhaura town in Brahmanbaria.

He is selling flags of various countries in one hand and jerseys in the other hand. Ibrahim Mia has been selling flags for almost 20 years. And his livelihood is being maintained by selling this flag. Meanwhile, after a few days, the football world cup is starting in Qatar.

The excitement of the fans is increasing as the day of World Cup football is approaching. Many are collecting flags and jerseys of their favorite teams on the occasion of World Cup. However, sales of flags and jerseys around this World Cup football have become crowded.

It can be seen on the surface, several vendors are walking around with the flags of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Portugal and other countries attached to long bamboo sticks along with red and green flags. They also have jerseys. Sellers said that the flags of these two countries are being sold more because there are more supporters of Argentina and Brazil in the area.

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