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Qatar World Cup prize money: How much does the winning team get?

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World Cup Football, known as ‘The Greatest Show of Earth’, is starting on November 20. A total of 32 countries will participate in the mega tournament with an eye on the top prize. It is the biggest single sports quadrennial event in the world, so the money involved here is massive. FIFA has announced the prize money for the upcoming World Cup.

Being on the stage of the World Cup is not only prestigious, but also has the possibility of financial gain. The amount of money has increased every time since the first season. Qatar World Cup is no exception. Rather, the governing body of world football appeared in this event with a record amount of prize money.

For the Qatar World Cup – the 22nd edition of the marquee event – FIFA, the global governing body of the sport, has allocated $440 million, a $40m increase from the 2018 edition. In the 2014 Brazil World Cup, $358m was up for grabs. Asides from the winning team, all the participating teams receive a reward for making it to the finals.

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