Thursday 18th of July 2024

President praises IORA for promoting balanced development in Indian Ocean region

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Ambassador Salman Al Farisi, Secretary-General of IORA (Indian Ocean Rim Association), called on the Hon’ble President of Bangladesh H.E. Mohammed Shahabuddin on the sidelines of the 43rd ASEAN Summit and 18th East Asia Summit.

During the meeting, Hon’ble President appreciated Secretary-General’s leadership for steering the IORA Secretariat and commended his team’s excellent effort for IORA’s cause. Secretary-General briefed Hon’ble President on the programs, activities and initiatives of IORA. He lauded Bangladesh’s Chairmanship in addressing challenges of the organization, achieving targets, and strengthening it including through expansion. He underscored Bangladesh’s leadership in finalizing the IORA Development Initiative and significant contribution to the IORA’s Indo-Pacific Outlook during the country’s Chairmanship of IORA.

Hon’ble President also appreciated the Secretary-General for extending his sincere cooperation and support during the last two years of Bangladesh’s IORA Chairmanship. Noting that Bangladesh attached great importance to IORA’s objectives and activities, he assured the Secretary-General of his countries continued support in IORA’s priority areas. He underscored that the just-concluded MoU between ASEAN and IORA Secretariats would contribute immensely to fostering collaboration between the two organizations and expanding areas of cooperation among member States for the benefit of the people and the region.

Hon’ble President encouraged Ambassador Farisi to continue his efforts in transforming the IORA Secretariat into a more efficient and modern one. He wished Secretary-General a very productive session in the forthcoming Senior Officials Meeting and Council of Ministers Meeting in Colombo.

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