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The unscrupulous circle of the Directorate of Public Works and Ministry is active

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#The court’s verdict is disobeyed by the petitioners to hand over the plot

The High Court’s judgment annulled the deed of plot and ammoktarnama. There is a moratorium on that plot. Still, the Dhaka Public Works Division-3 of the Public Works Directorate has recommended the transfer of the ownership of that plot. The report sent to the Ministry of Public Works mentioned the judgment of the High Court but did not mention the main issues for dishonest reasons. But taking those things into consideration, there is no opportunity to recommend the transfer of ownership of that industrial plot.

The incident took place in the capital’s Tejgaon industrial area. Two engineers of the Public Works Department have made such recommendations in defiance of the High Court’s order regarding the construction of the 60 khata industrial plot of No. 266. They are – Executive Engineer of Dhaka Public Works Department Kaiser Ibn Saikh and Tejgaon Public Works Subdivisional Engineer Rakibul Hassan. And at that time, Deputy Secretary in charge of Branch-14 assisted them in these works on behalf of the Ministry. Shahinur Islam; Currently serving in the secondary and higher secondary department of the Ministry of Education. Apart from this directive, three cases are ongoing in the High Court regarding the ownership of that plot. However, an unscrupulous cabal of the Public Works Department and Ministry of Public Works is desperate to hand over the ownership to one party without heeding the High Court judgments and regulations. It is known that they are doing this in exchange of huge amount of money. The administrative officer of that branch assisted him in hiding the information of the file and removing the deposited court papers. Mansoor Ali Shakidar.

According to the investigation, on 25 October 2017, the High Court announced the judgment of the writ petition case regarding that plot. The main points were not mentioned in the report even though they had a copy of the court judgement. Rather, it has presented fragmented parts of the judgment. It has been said that the ministry has been asked to take a hearing from both sides and give a decision within two months. After submitting this report to the Ministry of Public Works on August 3 last year, the unscrupulous gang started the file approval process in violation of regulations.
The investigation also revealed that the owner of plot number 266 of Tejgaon industrial area. Gibran Gong. There the owners are in possession of the entire plot from them and by inheritance from them. However, the report mentions that there is Mainul Hasan Rumman, the liquidator appointed on behalf of Messrs. Shaukat Ali & Brothers, and rubber plastic making machines in the semi-paca factory shed. Which has no truth in reality.

According to a source in the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, the party that has been in possession for 60 years has been respectful of the law. They want to solve the complexities of land ownership by trying the case in the high court. But the other party is desperate to usurp the valuable space through illegal process by managing the unscrupulous circle of the ministry by forging documents. Moinul Hasan Rumman Gong is walking on an unethical path to take that place as his own through illegal process. And Md. who has been in possession for 60 years is fighting for trial in the legal process. Gibran Gong.
When asked, Moinul Hasan Rumman told , “Now I am busy. I will come and meet you at your office. He did not come to the office and did not answer the phone.

And the occupant Gibran told , “We are in a legal battle. We are trying to resolve the issue of ownership through the High Court. But, an unscrupulous circle is gaining influence in the Department of Public Works and the Ministry. They are taking care of the judgment of the high court and pending cases.

In the search of information, it is also known that last June 25, who was in a legal battle. Jibran gave a written complaint to the Minister of State for Housing and Public Works and Secretary on behalf of Gang. However, the unscrupulous gang is justifying the fake-fraud gang by giving various arguments. The secretary of the ministry and the state minister are determined to provide a logical and legal solution to the matter. Disobedience of the High Court order by the Public Works Department is being presented as a strong document by the unscrupulous circle. And the ministry is also giving importance to it.

If asked, the executive engineer of Dhaka Public Works Division-3 said. Qaiser Ibn Saikh told, “That report was prepared by Tejgaon’s sub-divisional engineer Md. Rakibul Hasan (now in charge of Secretariat Public Works Department). I just signed.’

In response to the question whether it was logical to give it in this way despite the fact that the transfer of ownership is important, he said, ‘Brother, it is a long time ago. I don’t remember that much.’ In response to the question whether this was done in exchange for financial transactions, he said, ‘We do not give reports on behalf of anyone. If there is a mistake due to any reason, there is also an opportunity to correct it after receiving the instructions of the ministry.

The then sub-divisional engineer of Public Works Tejgaon Md. Rakibul Hasan told , “The incident was almost a year ago. What I wrote in the report; I forgot that too. When the matter of disobeying the High Court’s verdict was brought up, he said, “I can’t remember.” In response to the allegation that this was done in exchange for financial transactions, he said, “These words have no basis.” We have highlighted the incident in the report.

The then responsible officer and deputy secretary of the Ministry of Public Works Branch-14. Shahinur Islam Ekpeshe took the lead from the ministry in preparing the report. Multiple calls to his personal number and sending SMS (short messages) to inquire about the complaint did not get any response. And the information of that file is hidden and stored

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