Friday 12th of July 2024

Awami League will give list of people hindering polls to US: Salman

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Mentioning that BNP does not have the power to disrupt elections, Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman Fazlur Rahman said, Awami League will give their list to the United States government who will not allow elections to be held.

If the election is obstructed, the US visa policy will be effective against BNP. He made this remark at the special extended meeting of Dhaka district Awami League in the capital on Tuesday.

Pointing out that BNP is secretly preparing for elections, he said that the government wants free, fair and impartial elections. That election will not be under the caretaker government, but under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Salman F Rahman called upon the Awami League leaders and activists to prepare for the elections by resolving the party conflicts and said that the development activities of the government should be highlighted throughout the country. Leaders and activists should go to the people by making development booklets.

Addressing the BNP’s use of rumours as a political strategy, he refuted claims that he was denied a visa by the United States or that he was rejected in Dubai, labelling such statements as false. He clarified that he had not visited Dubai and that America was far from the truth of the matter.

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