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We should not leave the deeds of Ramadan!

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Ramadan has left us!But we should not leave the Aamal (practices) that we did in Ramadan!

In Ramadan, we fasted:
Now, let us fast on Mondays and Thursdays and the Aiyam-E-Beej.
In Ramadan, we frequented the mosque for long hours:
Now at least let us spend 2.5 hours to eight hours everyday for Aamal-E-Dawat.
In Ramadan, we recited Quran everyday:
Now let us do some recitation everyday.
In Ramadan, we gave charity:
Now, let us keep up the generous attitude.
In Ramadan, we stood in Tahajjud regularly:
Now, at least don’t miss daily Tahajjud.
In Ramadan, we made long Duas to Allah (SWT):
Now, continue to make Dua for well-being in here and hereafter.
In Ramadan, we made Zikir of Allah (SWT):
Now, keep on making Zikir (Istigfar, Durud, Tasbihat etc.) for as long as possible.
In Ramadan, we made Itiqaf:
Now, make intention of Nowafel Itiqaf every time we enter into Masjid.
In Ramadan, we tried to guard ourselves from evil: Now, seek Allah’s Help to keep us away from evil (thoughts, words and deeds).
In Ramadan, many of us went in Khuruj-Fi-Sabilillah:
Now, let us keep up the noble practice of Khuruj regularly.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the Tawfiq to continue with the spirit of the blessed month of Ramadan. Aameen.

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