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Apu-Bubly support same team!

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Two popular faces of Dhallywood are Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly. Although currently they are residents of two poles still there is a similarity between the two as they both support same team in the Football World Cup.

The World Cup football frenzy is going on around the world. There is also talk about Messi-Neymar in Bangladesh. Already, the whole country has been divided into two groups around Brazil and Argentina. Showbiz stars are also joining the football craze.

Two popular Dhallywood actresses Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly forgot the bitterness of personal life and stood on one stage as they both are supporter of Brazil. Before the start of the World Cup, they posted pictures on social media wearing the jersey of their favourite team. Many commented that they are mentally and physically strong supporters of Brazil.

Few days before the start of the World Cup, Apu said about the Brazilian side, she has supported Brazil since childhood. However, she did not understand the game that much. Now fully understands football so supports Brazil.

Apu said, ‘Those who like and understand football will support Brazil. Brazilian players have a different rhythm to their game, which I don’t feel with other teams. So I’m a supporter of Brazil.’

On the other hand, Bubly also expressed her support for Brazil, the country of Samba. The ‘Basgiri’ heroine finds the real beauty of football in the rhythm of Brazil.

Brazil won 2-0 against Serbia on Friday (November 25). Richarlison scored two goals for the team on this day.

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