Friday 12th of July 2024

BNP starts nomination trading right now: Obaidul Quader

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Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has alleged that BNP has started trading nominations right now. He said money flies in the sky of Faridpur. Mirza Fakhrul is behind this nomination trade and it just started. We will play against this trade.

Obaidul Quader also said that they are taking money in bags by talking about who will be made MP, and who will be made minister. Those who have smuggled thousands of crores of money from Bangladesh will be played against the money launder Tarek Zia. The election will be played.

He said this while participating in the district Awami League’s triennial conference at Niyaz Muhammad Stadium in Brahmanbaria city on Saturday afternoon.

Obaidul Quader said we will be shown a red card in December. The people of Bangladesh will show the red card to BNP. Red card for more fouls in the game. BNP is jumping more and fouling more. The people of Bangladesh will show red card against them.

He said, if Ziaur Rahman was not involved in Bangabandhu’s murder, the killers would not have had the courage to kill Bangabandhu’s family. Ziaur Rahman rewarded the murderers. Worked in embassies abroad. Laws were passed to stop prosecution of murderers. The assassination of 4 national leaders is a continuation of betrayal. A total of, 23 people were killed on August 21 while the main target was Bangabandhu’s daughter and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. August 15 Mastermind Ziaur Rahman, August 21 Mastermind Tarique Rahman. They wanted to wipe out the Bangabandhu family from the world. Today we are doing politics with them. The high wall they built in 1975 of political mutual relations, they made the wall higher on November 3. Then August 21 took it to great heights. BNP is still doing the politics of assassination and conspiracy.

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